Bold Flavor. Zero Calories. Perfectly Possible™ - that's what you're meant to take from Sparkling ICE’s first foray into TV advertising. I'm having a Fruitopia 90s flashback... That was an interesting campaign.

This ad is featuring the band NONONO - so named because that's what I say when somebody tries to play it at the office - and their song "Pumpin' Blood". Sparkling ICE is aiming high, they went from a $10 million to more that $200 million beverage brand in less than two years. Being a zero calorie naturally flavored sparkling mountain spring water with fruit & vitamins, they're perfectly poised to becoming number one if the ad campaign resonates with the consumers.

The television spots are supported with Out-of-Home running from May through August in 16 major markets in the U.S., including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Seattle and more. Over 400 Billboards and Spectaculars with creative highlighting “The Bold Side of Water™,” The Adventurous Side of Water™” and the “Vibrant Side of Water™” will be placed in high-trafficked areas such as New York City’s Times Square, SoHo and commuter railways, as well as along busy Los Angeles freeways and major thoroughfares including Hollywood, Wilshire and Beverly Boulevards.

Music: NONONO - "Pumpin' Blood"

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