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Luerzer's Archive 200 Best illustrators worldwide 2011/2012 out now!

Do not simply be content with any kind of illustration. 200 Best Illustrators is the perfect tool for those wishing to turn their advertising into little works of art. Numbering no less than 320 pages, this impressive volume showcases the world's best illustrators in the following categories: Advertising, Annuals, Books, Brochures and Calendars. The latest edition boasts an excellent mix of familiar names and new talents. The cover of this new edition comes from India or, to be more precise, from Taproot India, Mumbai. The motifs for Transasia Papers were also awarded a Golden Lion at Cannes in 2010.


Help the homeless: add as friend on facebook via QR-code signs

Students Zorica Micic and Ana Hansel at the Miami Ad School in Berlin have this spec idea that you should be able to add homeless people as your friend, on facebook.

Holding up signs, with their name (reminiscent of the Hello Project), the signs say "give me a place in society" and have a QR code, making you able to befriend them in the virtual world.

Then they plan to build internet stations for the homeless, where they can log on and maybe find some encouraging words of support from their friends. "Because if someone is down, friendship helps them get up again".

Lets just pray the homeless people never meet anonymous or 4chan trolls out there, the internet can be a very mean place.


Radio Presentation for Wide Mouth Media, Saskatchewan, Canada

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What do you do when the agency you've been doing some work for says their radio work is drying up. You put a tool in their hands to help them sell radio. Using bits and pieces of some work you have done for them (they also sent work created by others)

The presentation concept and production by: Andy Keating.
Writer of the ads within the presentation: Baron Rackow
Ads number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 within the presentation produced by; Andy Keating
Agency: Wide Mouth Media


H-57 Creative commandments

"Creativity has no rules. Well, almost no rules. We’ve found our personal ones and wrote them down. Or, to be more precise, drew them on paper, cut out the pieces and glued them on a big cardboard. By the end of the project, we realized that these rules are what really guide us every single day.


Audi A5 - Suicide / Krass - (2009) :60 SPEC

Audi A5 - Suicide / Krass - (2009) :60 SPEC

To be perfectly clear (as Audi has asked us to kindly spell it out in big bold letters for non-advertising people who may not know what the word "spec" means) - a SPEC ad is an ad not paid for, nor approved by the brand that is depicted in the ad.


Jumpman - Jordan Sixty Plus Spec - (2009) :60 (USA)


Ideo - Living Climate Change – (2009) :30 (USA)

Ideo - Living Climate Change – (2009) :30 (USA)

Sister companies Bonfire and Phoenix Editorial recently collaborated with global innovation and design firm IDEO on a welcome video for the Living Climate Change website: www.livingclimatechange.com, an initiative developed by


Ad that reads: Hypocrisy killed 1000 times more than 9/11 as reply to DDB WWF ad

In response to the DDB Brazil 911 Tsunami ad kerfluffle and DDB commercial for WWF 911, Truth Machine TM thought they were really clever when they did this.

"Hypocrisy killed 1000 times more than 9/11. It was just advertising. Don't make war about it."

That's nice dear. So you guys have nice jobs in an industry whose tools you now admitted to the world that you don't believe in. Maybe you should try golf or something.

“Lürzer’s Archive International Student of the Year 2009”

“Lürzer’s Archive International Student of the Year 2009”

Announcing the “Lürzer’s Archive Student of the Year 2009”

For the fifth year in succession, the award for this year’s best student work has now been presented. Once again, Miami Ad School wins the palm.

“The Kodak ad feels fresh and, for a student campaign, it’s very nicely executed. (…)


Smart car - Suicide/ Lowest Co2 Emission -(2009)

Smart car - Suicide/ Lowest Co2 Emission -(2009)

This is not an ad, it's a spec job done by Team 3 at the Rutger Hauer Film Factory. This is a response to a brief that was handed out in the morning, the concept was written up and shot in just one day.