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Scotch-Brite Cleaning Cloth - Ballerina, Doll, Salt & Pepper - print, Romania


September 24, 2009

The ScotchBrite campaign for 3M was developed for a test market and at no
point in time this campaign was approved for submission to advertising
sites, for publishing. Therefore, we ask every publisher to remove this
campaign as soon as possible or to refrain from publishing these ads on
websites or in other publications. We apologize for this incident.

Laura Tampa
Managing Director Grey Bucharest


Nissan Altima - Chickens crossing the road - print, USA

Pay attention young Padawan - in advertising it is not why the chicken crossed the road, but how. one should not send in work that hasn't been approved yet! TBWA's PR Director alerts us to the fact that this campaign should never have left the building. And again. check our Terms of Service for take down fees. Cheers. From TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles.


Redd's beer - Masturbation / Sleep / Pee - print, Vietnam

Update - Official statement and removal of spec ads. This is JWT's official statement (pdf under link)

September 17 2009

Official Agency Statement

Re: SAB Miller/REDD’S “Dark Secrets” Posters

The poster campaign for SABMiller – REDD’S was originally developed by JWT Vietnam for internal creative purposes. At no point of time was this work endorsed by SABMiller for either publication or submission to external award shows. We therefore regret the unauthorized submission to such shows and officially withdraw the work from any such show. In the interest of SABMiller, our client, we also ask every publisher to refrain from publishing these ads on websites or in other publications. We apologize for this incident.

Chris von Selle
Managing Director
JWT Vietnam

And once again, I feel the need to remind all readers that we actually have a spec work category to submit ads to but you need to tell us that is is, indeed, spec work (and clear the publication of said ad with your agency if it is spec for one of your existing clients).


World Heart Foundation / WHF - Croissant, Cheese, Butter, Meat - posters UK

The lovely PR chief at BBH, London alerts us to the fact that this campaign was not approved by the client after it was shot, and these mockups can get BBH in serious trouble. As per our current policy, we do not remove submitted work - but have pixelllated the trademark. Please don't send us stuff that hasn't been cleared yet, kids. Unless you are prepared to pay our removal fee, as per our terms of service. And no, we aren't kidding.
Speaking of saturated fats, we're going to enjoy some leftover osso buco now. Cheers.


Snickers - Shark, Lion, Bear - print, USA

TBWA New York alerts us to this campaign being a fake

Their exact words: "not approved by the client and have been distributed without permission"

Snickers had nothing to do with these ads created by a young green team armed with photoshop.

Art Director Matthew Woodhams-Roberts and Copywriter Nick Terzis at TBWA\Chiat\Day dug around Corbis images until they came up with this for Snickers.


Imperial Beer - Volcano, Factory, Rainwater - posters, USA

Images were at one point removed at the Request of Y&R's Creative Director Craig Evans - until some "rights issues" have been sorted out. - no updates on rights issues yet, so I'm moving this to spec work.

Y&R in Irvine created these awesome looking posters to remind folks that Imperial beer is truly from Costa Rica and not anywhere else.


Humanitarian Lion - press SPEC

Remember that humanitarian lion idea that showed up on youtube in May? Yeah, it had slipped my mind too, anyway the guys behind it tried making some ads for it.



When they sent me the first one, which was basically a badge pointing to the youtube film again, I responded "Oh you know that'll you'll have to do better than that. I'll be happy to publish it when you do." so here's their second shot at an ad advertising the Humanitarian Lion. They explain: "we created this ad to communicate people about our website. Our idea is to collect the most signatures and companies support we can, to convince Cannes Festival. Thank you"

JC Penney – Speed Dressing (Spec) (2008):60 (USA)

JC Penney – Speed Dressing (Spec) (2008):60 (USA)

This is not a Cannes Lion winning ad.


CEAT - Extra grip - spec print India

Client: CEAT
Headline: Extra Grip
Agency: Freelance
Art Director: Siju S Nair
Location: Bangalore India


Unicef India - Child Labour / Dad's Shoes - print, India

Oh yeah, so you think photos of little kids in their parents wellingtons are cute, right? Wrong. No agency credit on this submission so I have no idea if this is spec or not. This is all the info I got;

Advert title(s): Many children get into their father's shoes very early.
Help them get into school shoes instead. Donate generously.