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In response to the DDB Brazil 911 Tsunami ad kerfluffle and DDB commercial for WWF 911, Truth Machine TM thought they were really clever when they did this.

"Hypocrisy killed 1000 times more than 9/11. It was just advertising. Don't make war about it."

That's nice dear. So you guys have nice jobs in an industry whose tools you now admitted to the world that you don't believe in. Maybe you should try golf or something.

Ad student Henrik Düfke at Miami Ad school has taken on the idea of having YACA* in his portfolio, but instead of a poster or a TV-spot, or dressing up a large obelisk in XXL condoms, he brings the idea of promoting safe sex to a facebook app that would freak anyone out. With it you'll even learn who out there is your weiner cousin!

* yet another condom ad

field print

“Lürzer’s Archive International Student of the Year 2009”

Announcing the “Lürzer’s Archive Student of the Year 2009”

For the fifth year in succession, the award for this year’s best student work has now been presented. Once again, Miami Ad School wins the palm.

“The Kodak ad feels fresh and, for a student campaign, it’s very nicely executed. (…)

Pop Pop Music - Balloons

Just to show off some lovely editing and sound creativity, Pop Music cover by the sound of popping balloons. Nice one.

Created by rossangeles.net, Directed,shot and edited by Ross Harris. Featuring Maya Harris as the balloonatic.