A lot of people are using the word "retarded," especially on social media. But it is a horrible pejorative, and completely unnecessary, too, when you can make up new words that don't make someone who is mentally challenged feel bad.

Rather than preach to us about it though, Special Olympics, Y&R and VML decided to school people on twitter nicely, by suggesting they not use that word, and offer them some funnier made up words to use instead. In other words, they were trolling, with the help of the Upright Citizens Brigade. But they were doing so gently.

So it's kind of a fun idea. Either way, I'm glad they didn't preach, because that might make the Upright Citizens Brigade a bit hypocritical.

In 2006, David Thunder's live sketch called "Don't Laugh, I Might Be Retarded," kinda seems like it's wrong. I can't say for sure as I never heard it.

And in 2010, Anthony King, Artistic Director of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre was interviewed in a podcast, the synopsis of which includes this: "He’s smart, he’s funny, and he has a damn good argument in support of bringing the word 'retard' back!"

And who could forget in 2008, the Little Donny Foundation sketch which was a parody PSA making fun of special needs children.

So, now I'm confused, Upright Citizens Brigade. Is it okay to use the R Word and make fun of special needs people, or not?

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