Denmark's homegrown travel agency to the sun, Spies travel, has come out with this ad that announces a competition to the Danish population to get it on. It's called the ovulation-competition. The couples who can prove they got it on, and conceived, on a sweet little romantic getaway will then win another trip with Spies, this time to a family friendly destination. This sex-obsessed idea suits the Simon Spies founded agency quite well, if you've never heard of him, his Google image search is often NSFW, and he was well known for being a bit of a pervert and employing "morning fuck ladies" (or bun ladies) at his residence. It seems no trouble at all to get Danes to "do it", judging by the world famous Danish porn, and now a scandalous feature film about a nymphomaniac. The problem is getting the end result.... babies! ;)

Spies marketing coo: Eva Lundgren CAN SEX SAVE DENMARK? Ad agency: Be Kind, Copenhagen Directed by Niels Nørlev DoP: Niels Thastum feat. Kasper Wind Editor: Theis Schmidt

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