Created by Mother in New York and directed by Ryan Ebner at HSI Productions

Mother New York: Linus Karlsson, Creative Director Paul Malmström, Creative Director Michael Aaron, Producer Greg Hunter, Copywriter Allon Tatarka, Copywriter Mat Driscoll, Art Director Rob Baird, Art Director Renee Rauchut, Mother H.S.I. Productions: Ryan Ebner, Director Michael McQuhae , Executive Producer Alison Foster, Producer Stoeps Langensteiner , Director of Photography Riot, New York: Brent Holt, Executive Producer D. Todd Davidovich , Executive Producer Peter Stanik, Producer Chris Blyth, On Set VFX Supervisor Tom McCullough, Lead VFX Artist Matt Reilly, VFX artist Chris Hunt, Junior VFX Artist Steve Morris, Junior VFX Artist Chris Wiseman, Junior VXF Artist Christopher "Pink" Bonnstetter,CG Supervisor Cosmo Street: Maura Woodward-Moulton, Executive Producer Amy Febinger, Producer Jason McDonald, Editor Aaron Langley, Editor Willow Robin, Assistant Editor Company 3, New York: Tim Masick, Colorist Tara Dowd, Producer