Spinfy have figured out how to jam magical fairy tales into apps that will spellbind kids and make them want to read. That's a neat hack, that. They do all this from a gravel pit in Finland, apparently. Once inside the teeny cabin you'll find every fairy tale joke you can muster deadpanned, a team of animators dressed like santas helpers, and even grandma.

Ari-Matti Rytilahti, the man showing us around Spinfy here, explained that the main philosophy behind the company is that they want to make kids read again. They knew how to enrich children's books with interactions, and they also knew that creating new globally popular kids characters isn't easy. They realized there isn't any bigger children's brand from Finland than the Moomins. And there weren't any mobile applications about Moomins a year ago.

"We contacted Moomin Characters Ltd. who were very excited about getting interactive Moomin storybooks to their offering. The first Moomin book app was released already in March 2012 and it's now available in five languages. The second Moomin app just hit the App Store last night and there are more Moomin stories coming. In addition to the Moomins, we have also released a Heavysaurus app and were making book apps for other children's brands as well."

Check www.spinfy.com for more.

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