- Caveman - (2009) :30 (Australia) - Caveman - (2009) :30 (Australia)

The government in Australia has relaxed legislations, and the internet became flooded with similar sounding names of betting sites on the web. This leads to the dream brief where Leo Burnett was asked to get the url into top of mind of consumers (and betters). Thus they pulled out the trusty old caveman-ad schtick.
See also "betting"

Client: SportsBet
Agency: Leo Burnett (Melbourne)
Production Company: Film Construction
Director : Steve Saussey
Jason Williams (Executive Creative Director)
David Klein (Head of Art)
Brendan Greaney (Senior Copywriter)
Andrew Woodhead (Copywriter)
Beaver (Agency Producer)
Sacha Hodgson (Producer)
Client Personnel: Cormac Barry, David Galbally, Brian Mannix



loved it

Great one - love how the IT guy at the end is stroking the old tape drive system.

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