Spotify returns with more commercials created by Droga5.

In this ad, Spotify is positioned as synonymous to "music", rather than a streaming service in your pocket or any other USP. One of the boys who had a lovely bromance reminisces to a song and Facebook images, before he sends a message to his old pal. The entire premise is seen on the screen of a computer, and long lost bromance pal calls him up via Skype as soon as the message is received.

Yeaaah. I'm not feeling it, Spotify. I mean, congratulations on saving budget by managing to tell a story entirely within a computer screen. But all you're telling me is that songs trigger memories, really. There are other services where I can send music to my pals (hello, Google Music) without having facebook involved. Good choice of song though, I predict you'll get a lot of love for that alone.

Ad agency. Droga5, NYC Music: Weezer - "Say It Ain't So"
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