This Sprite commercial is kind of amazing. It combines old-time mythical story telling with a little bit of snark on the end. No, sorry, old timer, I'm not gonna save my Sprite and invest in a Sprite bottling company until I'm a millionaire. I'm just gonna drink the damn thing. Who cares if it grew on a mythical tree? Honestly if you think about it, if Sprite grew on mythical trees like that, all you'd really have to do if you found your ambition, is come back when another one has grown. And then, my friend, you could make that Sprite dream a reality. Also the subtext here is, don't give in to avarice and materialism. Who knew a soda has so much depth to it? Boy, Sprite has really come a long ways since the days of "limon," as in made with lemon and lime.

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah. The Perlorian brothers are one of my favorites because they always have such a unique and slightly skewed sensibility about their work. I must say this might be the most straight forward thing I they've done in a while. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. Not at all.

Also, can I just say, who doesn't appreciate a great wet burp sound effect?

Agency: hello ( Creative Team: Ricardo Armentano,Walter Aregger, Hernan Ibarra. Agency Producer: Gustavo Orueta-Chacho Verni. Directors:The Perlorian Brothers Production House: MJZ. President: David Zander Executive Producer: Eriks Krumins, MJZ. Flora Fernandez Marengo and Majo Garofali,Labhouse Line Producer: Chris McBride, MJZ. Agustin Ortiz Byrne,Labhouse. Post Producer: Gala Gonzalez Costes. Cinematographer: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler Production Designer: Rodrigo Martirena Editor: Emiliano Fardaus Client:The Coca-Cola Company: Luis Gerardin, Selman Careaga, Guillermo Gimenezy Brotons, Ismael Pascual, Roxana Paciente, Juan Carlos Mallet, Diego Bracamontes, Maria Belen Colombo, Maria Muchinik, Barbara Dominguez Cossio, Natalia Londono, Monica Alvarez de la Mora

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