(It's) Grace Helbig isn't just an oddly named Youtube Personality. Okay she kind of is, but hey, she has a million subscribers to her Youtube Channel, so google's making a ton off of her. And as any awesome comedian out there, Grace Helbig had a catch phrase: Byeeee. Which is hella cute, although according to the youtube comments, she's under a different contract or something and supposedly isn't allowed to use that catch phrase any more but she does anyway in this spot. Because (It's) Grace Helbig!

Where was I? Oh right. There's a product or something here, which I'll get to, but let's talk more about Grace for a second, because every last youtube comment is mentioning how awesome she is, and when you have a borrowed interest campaign, you take that risk.

Grace Helbig is still in her twenties. She she has flawless skin and she's pretty, too, so Grace Helbig is totally perfect for St Ives' new Fresh Hydration Lotion Spray. I initially thought Fresh Hydration Lotion Spray was one of those scammy products you wouldn't ever use in a million years, like Evian's facial spray.

But no! St Ives Fresh Hydration Lotion Spray actually levitates. And it makes you levitate, too! Not only that, but if you use enough of it, your floaty self is transported to what looks like some old forgotten pre-Gerry Graf Skittles set. Except with lots and lots of butterflies. Butterflies that fly and scare Grace Helbig in a funny way. Which is funny!


The only side effect is that you scream-talk your way through a spot. LOL. That's just Grace Helbig doing her shtick. God bless her funny self.

Anyway, if you like youtube personalities and extended product demos than this will be right up your alley. Me? I'm well past tired of ideas that begin and end with Youtube, but I'll be happy to write Grace Helbig's name all day long to appear higher up in the searches n' stuff.

Grace Helbig. Grace Helbig. Grace Helbig.

There, that should do it.

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