BBH London, you can do no wrong right now. In another ad expertly directed by Blink, St. John Ambulance calls everyone to learn first aid. The scenario, a woman doing dishes and looking out the window. A father playing ball with his son outside, so familiar, so normal, so perfectly dangerous. When the father momentarily gets caught up in a phone call, the boy climbs a very high tree and that's when disaster strikes. The twist is; you should learn first aid, because you might be the only person around that can help. You can continue on to the save the boy website and test your skills, could you save the boy?

Client: St John Ambulance Agency: BBH, London Creative Team: Rob Ellis & Alex Ball Creative Director: Matt Doman & Ian Heartfield TV Producer: Natalie Parish Interactive Producer: Kate Sutherland Strategic Business Lead: Ann-Marie Costelloe Strategist: Carl Mueller Team Manager: Lauren Blunden Production Company: Blink Director: Dougal Wilson Executive Producer: James Studholme Producer: Ewen Brown DoP: Lasse Frank Post Production: MPC VFX Producer: Josh King VFX Supervisors: Tom Harding and Adam Crocker Colorists: Jean-Clement Soret and James Tillett Editor/Editing House: Joe Guest / Paul Moth @ Final Cut Sound: Factory Sound Engineer: Sam Robson