They are miraculous postseason moments, embedded forever in baseball lore: Carlton Fisk sends the 1975 World Series to game seven with a monstrous 12th inning home run; a battered Kirk Gibson wins the opening game of the ’88 Fall Classic with a pinch-hit bomb in the bottom of the ninth; Derek Jeter makes his surreal and legendary defensive flip to take out the A’s in a 2001 playoff game.

jumP’s David Trachtenberg collects them all in a spectacular campaign for Major League Baseball benefitting Stand Up To Cancer, merging these moments with Director Andrew Becker’s lively footage of Steve Carell and other celebrities reacting to each play with the energy of manic sports fans. The six spots draw a connection between the belief in miracles on the playing field and a shared vision of ending cancer. Each spot ends with a call to action – to join these celebrities and Major League Baseball in the battle against cancer.

Spot Titles:  Baseball Believes - Gibson (Featured), Jeter, Fisk, Mays Airdate: September, 2012 Client: Major League Baseball and Stand Up To Cancer Producer:  Bedonna Smith Agency: Switzerland CD / Copywriter: Janet Champ CD / Art Director: Rick McQuiston Producer: Derek Ruddy Production Company: Director: Andrew Becker DP: Tom Krueger EP: Donna Portar Producer: Tyler Boylan Editorial: jumP Editor: David Trachtenberg EP: Betsy Beale Post: Outpost Digital Producer: Tita Poe Original Music by Beta Petrol Sound Design: Particle Mix: PLAY Mixer: John Bolen

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