Did you know it's election season? Wait what? I know, right? I didn't either! Thankfully, lots of clients are ready to jump on that bandwagon. And this is from the great uniter and carpet cleaner, Stanley Steemer, who is here to give us with a timely message. "This year no matter who you choose, choose Stanley Steemer." And in the context of the "oval office," and someone who may or may not be the President, we can assume they are cleaning up something more dirty than the carpet. Geddit? Narf narf narf.

And I'm sure they didn't mean to, but judging by the recent antics of the secret service this year, this spot's even more ironic.

From now on though I am going to imagine all Secret Service agents look at the "dirt" and then give a knowing smirk before singing into their cufflinks so they can clean up the head of the free world's mess.

(Note to Stanley Steemer: Bill Clinton is no longer President.)

Stanley Steemer

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