To sell the unique features of a chamomile relaxing tea DLV BBDO Rome shows us the site of a dramatic toy car accident. The nutcrackers have been toppled over, the toys are strewn about the room and the driver, oh the poor driver, is snoring on the soft carpet.

Now if we could only make kids drink their chamomile tea. ;) But if it helps me deal with a hyper kid who races a toy car around the house, I'll have some-

Star — Sognid'oro Executive Creative Director: Stefania Siani, Federico Pepe Creative Director: Andrea Jaccarino, Emanuele Viora Art: Andrea Jaccarino, Federico Pepe Copy: Emanuele Viora Account: Ilaria Castiglioni CASA DI PRODUZIONE: FILMGOOD EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: EMANUELA CAVAZZINI PRODUCER: STEFANO RENOLFI REGIA: IGOR BORGHI FOTOGRAFIA: GIGI MARTINUCCI MONTAGGIO E POSTPRODUZIONE: ANTEPRIMA VIDEO MUSICA: Waltz a Leo Chadburn BY EMI MUSIC PUBLISHING Read More…

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