Two minutes before she's needed on set? Uh-oh. Looks like Candace Cameron Bure won't have time to eat. You'd think when people film stuff there'd be a place where you could get food. Like craft services or something. Never mind. Just as she's about to give up all hope and suffer through being on set with an empty tummy, Chaaahlie Tuna shows up with Stahkist. Sweet and Spicy Tuna in a pouch! The message of this spot is that you can eat it in two minutes or less, I guess.

Client: StarKist
Agency: quench, Harrisburg, PA
Chief Creative & Content Officer: Jeff Odiorne
Group Creative Director: John Gilbert
Creative Director: Dave Spink
Agency Producer: Matt Campbell
Group Brand Manager: Ami Lawson
Brand Manager: Laura Osmolinski

Production Company: Phasmatrope Studios, West Conshohocken PA
Director: Steve “Spaz” Williams
Executive Producer: Jon Isen

Animation/VFX: Calabash, Chicago, IL
Creative Director: Wayne Brejcha
Executive Producer: Sean Henry


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