Rhino Creative Director Vico Sharabani recently completed yet another close collaboration with the Snorri Bros., this time creating all the VFX for a carefully choreographed :30 promoting the new season of Starz' acclaimed series, Crash.
The unique spot captures Los Angeles through the lens of a camera continuously swinging across the cityscape, the masses jostling in slow motion before a backdrop of palm trees, mountains, construction cranes, and other iconic Southern California images. The cast - including legendary actor Dennis Hopper - is shown mingling amidst this hoard in the hustling, deal-making, wild streets of Tinseltown. The spot concludes with the convergence of the main characters at center screen, where they appear poised to "crash" into one another, symbolizing the complex, intermingled maze that the characters live in.
To create a full portrait of the unhinged L.A. lifestyle that Crash portrays, Sharabani and the rest of the Rhino crew expertly stitched together a mosaic of characters that the Snorri Bros. shot on long lens against a green screen. Rhino deftly arranged these moving pieces so that the show's stars mingle effortlessly with LA's background masses while their individual stories move inexorably toward intersection.

Rhino then combined stills and live-action shots from all over the city to create an enormous, 100,000-pixel-long panorama of Los Angeles, against which they transposed the various characters in motion. The result is a seamless, detail-rich, 360-degree shot that seems to swivel over all of LA and the entirety of its shuffling life in one effortless motion. The crew also amped up the lighting to create an overly bright glare that perfectly communicates the atmosphere of walking through the steaming hot L.A. concrete jungle.
"The trick here was to capture the constant behind-the-scenes and in-the-streets action of Hollywood while simultaneously showing the countless fascinating stories behind that lifestyle, which is really the story of Crash," said Sharabani. "So we had to balance the fast-paced camera movement with the intersection of the fascinating cast and the indescribable L.A. masses. All of this while capturing the exact mood of L.A., from the steaming weather to the every-man-for-himself realities of the entertainment industry. Luckily the Snorri Bros. are expert at exactly capturing the attitude and personality of each character through their motions alone."
"We've worked with the Snorri Bros. on spots for Mercedes, Toyota, Subway and Dell over the past two years so we're very familiar with one another," said Rhino MD Rick Wagonheim. "We're incredibly happy to have this successful ongoing collaboration with a team that's so imaginative, diligent, and easy to work with."

Spot: Starz Network Crash Promo Airdate: October 2009 Agency: Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners CD(s): Jon Goldberg, Chris Cereda Account Director: Rachel Mahoney Group Business Director: Cora Byrne Account Executive: Amy Olsen Producer: Sharon Harte AP: Ali Wasserstein Prod Company: The Cartel Director: Snorri Bros Director: Eidur Eysteinsson Executive Producer: Faith Dektor Executive Producer: Jeff Miller Producer: Dave Bernstein Post/Effects: Rhino CD: Vico Sharabani VFX Supervisor: Elad Offer Producer: Linda Gallagher COO/EP: Camille Geier Managing Director: Rick Wagonheim CEO: Zviah Eldar
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