The financial markets plummeted last year. So we had a choice: tell the world how horrible is was or tell them what to do next. We decided to take the constructive approach. Investors like SPDR ETFs because they’re more precise than other investments. To highlight the benefits of precision, this commercial shows a town that runs like clockwork only the town clock has stopped working. As the spot opens, we see the town has completely shut down. The train won’t leave the station, the school children can’t leave class and the stores won’t open. The towns Mr. Fix-It comes to the rescue by running up the clock tower steps and knocking the enormous clock gears senseless which restarts both the clock and the town.

Art Director: Bill Schwab
Copywriter: David Bernstein
Executive Creative Director: David Bernstein
Producer: Bob Samuel
Director: Tom & Charlie Guard
Editor: Chuck Willis


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