Columbine happened 15 years ago, a father says as the ad begins, and in the 15 years since Columbine, not much has changed. While grieving parents try to change things, with bills like the Jamiel Shaw law, or the Sandy Hook Promise, there's still gun violence happening all over America. Including only seven miles from the White house like the dive-by that killed Brishell Jones, whose mother is in this ad.

In the 15 years since Columbine, our nation has seen over 1.4 million people injured or killed by guns, and gun companies have made more money year after year. We brought victims of gun violence together to discuss the problem and to ask: How much of the gun industry's growth is actually coming from us all?

So, as an extension to the thought of "voting with your dollar", this ad encourages people with 401K's to check what that money is invested in. Which, to be honest, you should have already been checking. This is not a bad idea, KPA ran an entire campaign a few years ago in Sweden selling their retirement fund on the fact that it was ethical savings, not invested in Bangladeshi clothing companies that used child labour or known environmental bad guys. This is promoted by the anti-gun group rather than the investment fund, so they have developed a tool for you. You can check on the website where your money is at, and use their pre-written PDF's/template letters that you can send your financial advisor or investment group, thereby putting grassroots pressure on your 401k.

Ad agency: Grey New York Client: States United to Prevent Gun Violence

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