Being behind in market share due to fragmented communication, STC Broadband desperately needed a brand upgrade. As the release says, "The challenge was to anchor an emotional benefit for this platform in order to enhance STC’s image, while tackling the various functional RTBs: Best Coverage, Speed, Quality of Service, Innovation, Competitive Pricing, and Flexibility of Packages and Interfaces."

Well, JWT Beirut did that in a very creative way. They launched an online content hub called LaYwagif, featuring a sitcom with multiple episodes and seasons.

To talk about their roaming service, they created a show called "Rayi7 Rayi7." In it, a poor guy can't travel with his friends to Dubai because his passport has expired. However, that's not going to stop him one bit. His friends create a substitute version of him, a kind of life-sized puppet, with his face on a tablet the entire time. This way he can experience Dubai with is friends even if he isn't there.

The online series has been a success with thirty seven million views across all episodes.

Agency: J. Walter Thompson Riyadh Client: STC (Saudi Telecom) Chief Creative Operation Officer: Chafic Haddad Executive Creative Director: Rayyan Aoun Associate Creative Director: Rawad Eldahouk Copywriter: Daniah Al Aoudah Business Director: Fayez Jabri Account Director: Jad Haddad Account Manager: Ahmad Shatila Planning Director: Charly Wehbe Production Director: Joe Abou Daher Production Company: Dreambox Director: Cherine Khoury