Stella Artois Be Legacy - The History of Isabella Artois - (2016) :60 (UK)


Stella Artois Be Legacy - The History of Isabella Artois - (2016) :60 (UK)

The second installment in the Stella Artois #BeLegacy campaign tells the story of Sebastian Artois' widow, as she takes over the brewery. Not quite the quirky fun run through town here, more like powder wig period pieces meets spaghetti westerns, which looks fabulous by the way, but doesn't tell quite the same kind of story. Who is she fighting? Were widows not allowed to inherit property? What's going on? That waist belt corset thing looks great. Where was I? Oh right: "What do you want to be remembered for?"

Client: Stella Artois UK

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Charmless, smug, and confusing. Very poor.

But it's a nice leather corset belt styling glove thing, right, right?

I want to be remembered for not making a clusterfuck of a :30 like this.

Yes, the outfits are pretty. I take it Eva Green was too expensive?

What really pisses me off is this will probably win some C-List award too. Who's the agency?

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