Stihl - Deathbed / Chainsaw - (2009) :30 (New Zealand)


Stihl - Deathbed / Chainsaw - (2009) :30 (New Zealand) report that this Chainsaw advert cuts a little too deep for some - people have been complaining that it's "insensitive and offensive."

It is humour of the blackest kind, but a conservative media standards watchdog says the ad, for chainsaw manufacturer Stihl, has crossed a line.

"I was really horrified," says Adrian Cooper of Media Matters in NZ. "I thought, this is not good enough. It's simply not good enough, and it's not the New Zealand I know."

The ad prompted a flurry of complaints to the Broadcasting and Advertising Standards authorities.

"I think that any mature, responsible, thinking adults looking at that would find it offensive," says Mr Cooper.

Nobody said anything about it being very Stella Artois yet. Oops, my bad.

Agency: DDB New Zealand
Production Company: Robbers Dog Films
Director : Adam Stevens
Toby Talbot : Creative Director
James Tucker : Art Director
Simon Vicars : Copywriter
Judy Thompson : Agency Producer
Mark Foster : Producer

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oh well, I thought it was funny.

It took it my mind that it would be funny but its not as I thought.

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