Stockholm City Mission - You'll never wear that again - case study


Stockholm City Mission - You'll never wear that again - case study

Back in the day, there were these bright yellow steel collection bins all over Stockholm city, so whenever you felt that your closet was getting cramped, you could pack a plastic bag with old clothes and walk a block or two to donate it. You were happy, someone who found a cheap vintage coat was happy, and the people in third world countries were happy for either the money or the clothes that came to them. Soon the yellow collection bins were removed as that particular chain of salvation shops went under, and one had to trek further and further away to donate clothes.

Now all you have to do is log into facebook and brag to your friends about the hip items you'll never be seen in again, for points both in how fashionable you are as well as how much you help the city's poor. I still think a nearby collection bin would help.

Making the case study shorter would have allowed this to go further in the eventual award circuit too.

Stockholm City Mission fights for the homeless in Stockholm. One of their operations is to collect second hand clothes to sell in their stores, or to hand out to people in need.

Fashion only is fashion for a while. After that it’s just clothes. But they’re still there, in your closet. And on Facebook. You’ll Never Wear That Again is a Facebook application that helps you sort out what you’ll never wear again, using your Facebook photos. These are clothes you probably still have in your closet. Clothes that are still worth something somewhere else.



The best part about this case study is the music.

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