In this campaign from Stouffer's the friends and family and people are all real and the spots are all unscripted. For this one, a married gay couple visit their best friend in New York to have a "homemade dinner." The three bff's moved together from Texas to new York together. It's a cute spot. But positioning Stouffer's as being anything but a convenient meal is a bit tricky. No matter how to slice it (pun intended) it's a TV dinner. Maybe they have marketing research showing this particular age group doesn't know how to cook beyond chopping up lettuce, but even a casual dinner party should involve more than step one: open box. step two: remove cling film. No offense, but in the other spots which feature a married couple who work long and different shift hours in the ER and a vet whose returned home to help his busy wife and young daughter, these guys kind of have no excuse to be eating frozen foods.

Client: STOUFFER’S Director of Marketing: Tilman Moe Marketing Manager: Bianca Suchter Associate Brand Manager: Tim Wallenhorst Marketing Manager (Communications COE): Tana Peckham Agency: Swift Chief Creative Officer: Alicia McVey Executive Creative Director: Rick Albano Group Creative Director: Cat Hyland Creative Directors: Tian Mullholland Otis Rubottom Director/Editor: Karen Fisher Strategy: Josie Goldberg Emily Smith Account Management: Jaime Komitor Michelle Borgese Randi Roth Production: Bailey Phillips Bre Maris BreAnna Wilson Food Stylist: Maki Katsumoto Multicultural Agency: Casanova Production House: Bunker