Larry is a real hero who was deployed right as his daughter was born. When he got back from his deployment to Virginia, every dinner night since has been a chance to show gratitude and spend time with the family. This campaign for Stouffer's which also includes a married gay couple and their bff and a husband and wife who both work late hours in the ER in L.A. is unique in that the people are real and the stories are unscripted. It's basically like watching a focus group of different people sharing their lives and what Stouffer's means to them. I like how this positions Stouffer's as being a convenience "homemade," food, and if you are a mom with a young kid and a couple who work late hours it makes sense, But the young couple in New York and their friend? Not so much. Even if you're broke in New York, you can still make a decent meal at home as it's cheaper than eating in a restaurant.

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