One Run, Two shoes, Three Stripes & No Clothes!. That's Mark Schermers from 180 streaking down the street down there today. In the drizzle cold.

A little birdie told us:

180 man (Mark Schermers, account director on adidas) runs naked for charity in a bid to raise awareness and money for testicular cancer, sponsored by colleagues and our clients.
Unbeknownst to us the event was filmed by a Dutch TV station and will be on the news tonight - the whole thing took place in full view of the mayor of Amsterdam.

You can get a glimps of the little all pink runner dashing down the Herengracht here as the crowd cheers him on. Man, that's a brave soul - it's frickin' cold out today. And hey, Mark, nice butt.
update - Quicktime inside

I used to live on exactly that block where he's making that turn. The view even looks like mine. 80% of my building was people from w+k or 180 - I'm sure they had a great view. ;) Had this been a few years ago I would have been filming him. I'd focus and zoom a lot more though.. ;)


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    Remember the "Nike streaker" commercials? Thanks to Mark here, Google will forever associate streaker with Adidas. ;)

    Dec 03, 2007

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