City of Philadelphia Recycling Office
PRO’s largest-ever anti-litter effort.

LevLane, Phila.

Litter is corrosive to a community’s emotional well-being.
Make its elimination emotional and above all, peer-to-peer.

Audition 75 anti-litter, spoken word performances from Philly local neighborhoods.
Feature works by 5 of the most compelling artists.
All campaign verbal and visual content is user-written, user-performed.

Tag (new): “Un Litter Us.” CCO: Bruce Lev CD: Deb Racano Exec. AD: Lori Miller CW: Jerry Selber Poet/Performers: Denice Frohman, Gregory Corbin, Steve Annan, Whitney Peyton, Carlo Campbell Dir./Prod. Co.: Jim McGorman/Accordion Films, Phila.

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