Chef Misha bakes veal in a Salvia Divinorum Crut with Magic Truffels and Marijuana, and I'm pretty sure I got a contact high from watching this because I am suddenly very hungry.

Arnold Worldwide's office in Amsterdam, the agency responsible for Stussy Amsterdam 'Strip for Likes' campaign did this. The focal point of the campaign centers around the Spring collection Lookbook from top European online fashion store's exclusive offering and launch of a special edition Stussy Amsterdam tee featured in their Spring Collection Lookbook, only this time the lookbook comes with a twist – it's more of an 'extreme cooking' haute cusine cookbook. Yep, they're cooking with pot. And this ain't your usual pot brownies, Chef Misha Sukyas does mind-blowing haute cuisine (and we mean literally as it will get you stoned) while wearing a Stussy shirt.

Client: Freshcotton Amsterdam Maestro Chef: Misha Sukyas Arnold Amsterdam: Executive Creative Director: Paul Stechschulte Creative Director: Colin Lamberton Creatives: Rickard Engstrom, Joris Kang’eri Producer: Neil Henry Strategy Director: Didi Sutisna Account Director: Amy Manganiello Project Manager: Emma Phillips Typography: Corbin Poticha Digital Execution Cartelle Amsterdam: Johnny Slack, Stevijn Van Olst, Emma Pisani Music Tracks/Composition/Mixes: Full Crate Production: Darlings Amsterdam Film Director: Doug Hancock Director Of Photography: Tobias Pekelharing Director And Photographer Making Of/Trailer: Paul D. Scott Still Photographer: Kristoffer Rozental Retouching: Loupe Amsterdam Production Manager: Paul Roest Gaffer: Paul Wilens Sound: Gideon Bijlsma Camera Assistant/Data: Floris Van Der Lee Art Director: Norbert Van Leyen Audio Post Wave Amsterdam: Alex Nicholls - Lee Post Production: Darlings Amsterdam Colour Correction: Robert Thomas Vfx: Robert Okker Editor: Doug Hancock Editor Making Of: Ivan Waters Special thanks to: Location: Hotel De Goudfazant Amsterdam Catering: Today’s Amsterdam

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