To demonstrate the performance and power of the new WRX STI, DDB Canada’s Toronto office created a real, flipbook or zoetrope that comes to life only when the vehicle passes by. See what happens when the pure performance of the 2011 Subaru WRX STI powers a commercial.

The animation was powered by the WRX STI driving past a series 760 hand-drawn frames to create one smooth animated story.

For the effect to work, we needed a laser level driving surface. It took meticulous testing to perfect the precise engineering involved. No post or CG was used to create the animation. All animation was filmed in camera, using the car itself.

Watch the "making of" documentary

Title: Pure Performance Client: Subaru Canada Agency: DDB Canada, Toronto Creative Director: Andrew Simon, Todd Mackie, Denise Rossetto Associate creative director: Paul Wallace Copywriter: Daniel Bonder Art Director: Yusong Zhang Agency Producer: Andrew Schulze Executive Producer: Harland Weiss Production Company: OPC Director: Woods and Low DOP/Cinematographer: James Gardner, Adam Marsden Line Producer: Tara Handley Post-Production Company: AXYZ Compositor: Dave Giles Transfer: Alter Ego Colourist: Wde Odlum Animation Studio: Starz Animator: Kevin Adams Audio Company: Pirate Toronto Audio Director/Producer:Chris Tait Sound Design: Chris Tait Music: Chris Tait Editing House: Posterboy Editor: Brian Williams

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    That is really cool and unique. Not sure if it sells the car. But at least its a cool car. Automotive advertising is the hardest of all advertising. The minute the car hits the street and people are driving it all advertising goes out the window. Because most cars look better in the commercial than on the street. And you can't choose your buyers. Like the Kia Soul has awesome hamster commercials. Then the car in person is goofy and weird looking. And instead of the 16-30 demographic driving it I only see unattractive people over 55 driving while smoking cigarettes. LOL

    Nov 19, 2010

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