When they did the casting specs for this spot, did someone say "let's get a guy who looks like Mark Zuckerberg," or was that just a big coincidence?

Anyway, Subarus are made with love, so you can drive all over the world instead of staying home and taking painting classes. I'm fairly certain that's what the message of this spot is.

TITLE: Nature Painting CLIENT: Subaru of America AGENCY Agency: Carmichael Lynch Chief Creative Officer: Dave Damman Exec Creative Director: Randy Hughes Senior Writer: William Bloomfeld Art Director, Associate Creative Director: Brad Harrison Director of Integrated Production: Joe Grundhoefer Exec Senior Producer: Brynn Hausmann Business Manager: Vicki Oachs Account Service Team: David Eiben Krista Kelly PRODUCTION Production Company: Park Pictures Director: Lance Acord Executive Producer: MaryAnn Marino Line. Producer: Aristides McGarry Director of Photography: Lance Acord POST PRODUCTION Edit House: Whitehouse Post, LA Editor: Steve Jess Assistant Editor: Tim Quackenbush VFX House / Online Artist(s): Volt, Minneapolis / Steve Medin Telecine: Sean Coleman, Company 3 Audio Mix: Brahmstedt White Noise Sound Design: Brahmstedt White Noise MUSIC “The Grandeur of Silver Sky” (Rebecca Gibson) Music Supervisor: Jonathan Hecht TALENT On-camera talent: Aimee Shynn Sean Dwyer Voice Over Talent: Aimee Shynn (woman) Justin Beere (announcer)

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