Subaru Outback "Group Photo" (2014) :40 (Canada)


Subaru Outback "Group Photo" (2014) :40 (Canada)

Too many of us our busy trying to document our experiences for social media rather than having an authentic experience. Unlike the hispters fabricating their camping experience, like the moon landing (I kdi!) the couple in the Subaru Outback are true outdoors types who enjoy camping for the sake of camping. No instagram filters needed.

Agency: DDB Canada Toronto
Chief Creative Officer: Kevin Davis
Executive Creative Directors: Paul Wallace
Associate Creative Directors: Rob Sturch
Copywriter: Domenique Raso
Art Director: Rebecca May
Agency Producers: Sue Bell, Marie-Pierre Toure, Tara Greguric, Stef Fabich, Caroline Clarke, Catherine Kim
Account Team: Michael Davidson, SVP, Business Unit Director; Scott Barr, Account Director; Julia Morris, Account Supervisor; Mike Johnson, Account Executive; Lindy Scott, Account Executive
Strategists: Tony Johnstone, SVP, Director of Strategic Planning; Annie Seyffert, Strategist
Media Company: OMD
Production Company: The Corner Store
Director: Jorn Haagan
Director of Photography: Jorn Haagen
Line Producer: Jane Thomson
Post-Production Company: Rooster Post
Editor: Marc Langley
Assistant Editor: Nick Greaves
Finishing Facility: Fort York VFX
Flame Artist: Paul Binney
Flame Assistant: James Marin
Colour Facility: Alter Ego
Colourist: Eric Whipp
Audio House: RMW Music
Audio House Producer: Dustin Anstey
Audio House Engineer: Kyle Gudmundson



Hi, I think the location is awesome in this Subaru ad. The commercial is stupid in my mind faking camping how dumb does it need to be then of course, driving into a beautiful environment causing possible damage to ecosystems. What is the location though of where this is filmed? I know it's marketing and it could be private. What a beautiful area though.

It's not necessarily that it's a private location, they just didn't tell us. I will say because the ad was made in Canada it is most likely somewhere in Canada.

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