This spot features the actual cars from drivers who walked away. It's a nice to see people looking at that wreckage and saying "They Lived," over and over again. A nice powerful sentiment. Buy this car and you will live, even if you get in a horrific accident. On the other hand, it also makes me think Suburu are accident prone, which isn't such a nice sentiment.

CLIENT: Subaru of America Agency: Carmichael Lynch Chief Creative Officer: Dave Damman Exec Creative Director: Randy Hughes Writer, Associate Creative Director: Conn Newton Art Director, Associate Creative Director: Michael Rogers Head of Production: Joe Grundhoefer Executive Producer: Brynn Hausmann Business Manager: Vicki Oachs Account Service Team: David Eiben Krista Kelly Kate Moret PRODUCTION Production Company: Park Pictures Director: Lance Acord Executive Producer: MaryAnn Marino Line. Producer: Aristides McGarry Director of Photography: Lance Acord POST PRODUCTION Edit House: Whitehouse Post, NY Editor: Stephen Jess Assistant Editor: Tim Quackenbush VFX House / Online Artist(s): Volt, Minneapolis / Steve Medin Telecine: Sean Coleman, Company 3 Audio Mix: BWN Music (Carl White) Sound Design: BWN Music (Carl White) MUSIC “Clear Moment” (Miles Hankins via scoreAscore) Composer: Miles Hankins via scoreAscore Music Supervisor: Jonathan Hecht TALENT On-camera talent: Tim Lane Voice Over Talent: Tim Lane Diane Luby Lane Millie Lane Charlie Burrows Aaron Norwell Frederick Lawrence Stephen Taylor Kevin Bowers Justin Beere (announcer)

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