Sunshine Rabbits - The Colour of the fur - (2008) 4:28 (Sweden)


Sunshine Rabbits - The Colour of the fur - (2008) 4:28 (Sweden)

Shot in September last year this water is a lot colder than it looks (remember, we're in Sweden), but a smashing good time was had by all as we all dove in for one massive poolparty - rocking out to the Sunshine Rabbits "colour of the fur" on loudspeakers. Perhaps this is why some people opted for jumping in clad in three piece suits. ;)

Lets see how long it takes y'all to spot me in the mix of partying people. Yes folks, it's Dabitch in a bathing suit! ;P First one who does wins a cookie.

Director & Producer: Thomas Romlov
Principal talent: Cecilia Nordlund / Itchy - Lotta Wenglén/ Lost - Petra Lilja/Confusion - Carolina Carlbom/Hormone



If this doesn't instantly go globally viral and get hundred of thousands of hits I don't know what will. Very da da and surreal. Seemed like a very fun party and production to be a part of. Definitely unforgettable. Do you have a copy of the lyrics? I'd love to know exactly what is being sung. It was hard to make out at times. Too fun.


Here's Dabitch in a bathing suit and something pink... is that a night gown?

Yes a cookie you get. Your cookie of choice of course. Look how much your having. Jeez. That's priceless.


Dude that's a neon pink negligé with green lace. I'm classy yo.

Yes cookies for everyone. In the states they call swimming in September in most parts the Polar Bear Club.


or insane, depending on who you are talking to. You're lucky to come out with everything intact regardless of what you are wearing. Besides it's the look on your face that's priceless. I did a RT on this overnight internet sensation. It most definitely deserves it. Great morning coffee eye opener.

I'm just a really big fan of the band (and each girl in their respective solo projects and bands as well but especially Chilihili /Cecilia Nordlund). They kick ass on stage.

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