Sunshine Rabbits - The Colour of the fur - (2008) 4:28 (Sweden)


Sunshine Rabbits - The Colour of the fur - (2008) 4:28 (Sweden)

Shot in September last year this water is a lot colder than it looks (remember, we're in Sweden), but a smashing good time was had by all as we all dove in for one massive poolparty - rocking out to the Sunshine Rabbits "colour of the fur" on loudspeakers. Perhaps this is why some people opted for jumping in clad in three piece suits. ;)

Lets see how long it takes y'all to spot me in the mix of partying people. Yes folks, it's Dabitch in a bathing suit! ;P First one who does wins a cookie.

Director & Producer: Thomas Romlov
Principal talent: Cecilia Nordlund / Itchy - Lotta Wenglén/ Lost - Petra Lilja/Confusion - Carolina Carlbom/Hormone



If this doesn't instantly go globally viral and get hundred of thousands of hits I don't know what will. Very da da and surreal. Seemed like a very fun party and production to be a part of. Definitely unforgettable. Do you have a copy of the lyrics? I'd love to know exactly what is being sung. It was hard to make out at times. Too fun.


Here's Dabitch in a bathing suit and something pink... is that a night gown?

Yes a cookie you get. Your cookie of choice of course. Look how much your having. Jeez. That's priceless.


Dude that's a neon pink negligé with green lace. I'm classy yo.

Yes cookies for everyone. In the states they call swimming in September in most parts the Polar Bear Club.

Example: http://www.polarbearclub.org/

or insane, depending on who you are talking to. You're lucky to come out with everything intact regardless of what you are wearing. Besides it's the look on your face that's priceless. I did a RT on this overnight internet sensation. It most definitely deserves it. Great morning coffee eye opener.

I'm just a really big fan of the band (and each girl in their respective solo projects and bands as well but especially Chilihili /Cecilia Nordlund). They kick ass on stage.

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