The jackpot was huge in France this winter. So to get everyone excited and try and drum up enough footage to create an interesting case study. BETC used a street team to hand out some lucky gloves--ones that have had their index and middle finger sewn together, as if their fingers were crossed.
Despite the increase in Facebook fans and the near revolution this execution caused, like most things lottery, we only care if we win.

That reminds me. I won six bucks on a scratch off ticket last night. Oddly enough, my fingers weren't crossed when it happened.

BRAND FDJ / Superloto BRANDMANAGEMENT Patrick Buffard / Cécile Lage / MoniqueHeim / Alan Le Bras AGENCY BETC AGENCYMANAGEMENT Marielle Durandet / François Brogi / QuentinDerviso / Lucile Le-Goallec EXECUTIVECREATIVE DIRECTOR StéphaneXiberras CREATIVEDIRECTOR Olivier Apers COPYWRITER Adrian Skenderovic ARTDIRECTOR Alphons Conzen EXECUTIVEPRODUCER HugoDiaz PRODUCERS Annick Audoux / Sarah Belhadj