The Qatar Foundation is a massive educational initiative and progressive platform of Qatar’s burgeoning knowledge economy focused on the importance of unlocking human potential. To honor this ideal and the people who represent it, TBWA engaged Moxie & Superfad to create a global TV featuring extraordinary achievers of the foundation.

Director Justin Leibow captured these stories with a blend of epic, cinematic vistas and intimate portraits filmed on location in Italy and Qatar. Drawing from his background in both photography and design, Leibow chose bold compositions and expansive views that yield to painterly moments and culminate in a portrait gallery of the Qatar Foundation’s luminaries. The team then returned to Los Angeles where Leibow led Superfad in the design, edit and completion of the project.

Client: Qatar Foundation Agency: TBWA RAAD Worldwide Account Director: Marcus Cronan Creative Director: Allan Manaysay Senior Producer: Rouba Asmar Senior Account Manager: Yasmin Ahmad Production Company: Moxie Media Director: Justin Leibow DP: Colin Watkinson President/Executive Prod: Robert Fernandez Executive Producer: Lizzie Schwartz Head of Production: Roger Zorovich Producer: David Wolfson Design, Animation & Editorial: Superfad Director: Justin Leibow Executive Producer: Kevin Batten Head of Production: Darren Jaffe Producer: Darren Jaffe Designers: Adam Greene, Paul Kim, Kevin Lau Writer: Josh Chesler Painter: Paul Kim 3D Animation/Tracking: DeAndre Moore, Bryan Cox 2D Animation: Brian Abero, Taejin Kim, Miles Kinghorn Flame Artists: Gavin Miljkovich, Matt Spencer Compositor: Tiffany Germann Editors: Carsten Becker, Jeff Jenkins

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