Note: Director Krek produced the spot through his own production company, Attention Span, Los Angeles. He is now with The Joneses (Santa Monica, CA).

Agency: Dentsu Los Angeles Production - The Joneses (see inside) Creatives: Doug Finelli and Charlie Tercek ECD: Carmen Dorr Agency Producer: Mike Davison Director/D.P.: Pondu Krek (Now with The Joneses, Santa Monica, CA) Production: Attention Span, Los Angeles Editing & Graphics: Gavin Halm

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  • Toste's picture

    And is that a dent in the front from some angry guy sick of his honking?

    Mar 27, 2008
  • Allan1's picture

    It looks like that to me too!

    Why would you want to buy a car associated with such a jerk???

    Mar 27, 2008
  • caffeinegoddess's picture

    There was a Suzuki film and LAME-O was its name-o...come on, sing along! So annoying. Now I've got a headache.

    Mar 30, 2008

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