Featuring "Movin’ on up" by 50 Cent. Pre-released version included a song called “Party Still Jumpin” by Benjamin Kahle Music. Ad wіƖƖ air both іn 60-second and 30-second formats іn local markets.

I'll admit it, it's a cultural thing. I know the land of permafrost and distances well. So the first thing I thought when I saw this was: Suzuki makes a diesel car?

Where the heck will you find a gas station when there's only igloos?

“We reached out to 50 Cent because we thought he’d appreciate the creativity of this spot and the central role his music could play in it,” said Rob Siltanen, CEO and chief creative officer at the agency. “We greatly appreciate 50′s personal involvement in seeing this deal through.”

Client: American Suzuki Motor Corp Agency: Siltanen & Partners Advertising Chief creative officer: Rob Siltanen Creative director: Joe Hemp Group account director: Doug Ryan Management supervisor: Wendy Nicolle Broadcast Producer Anne Kurtzman Production Company: Boxer Films Director Jim Zoolalian EP: Beth George Head of Production: John Quinn, Editorial: Boxer Films Editor Ian Arthur VFX: Cinelicious Take Out & Bully Brothers Post VFX Artist: Ben Looram (Cinelicious) VFX Artist: Kiki Chansamone Final Conform: 8FX Music: 50 Cent - Super Bowl Version Only