OMG KYOOT! This strange little green creature with wobbly thighs and one giant eye is the brainchild of Dvein, for Syfy as an opener. Can I adopt it? What does it eat? Where does it eat?

In creating the opening titles we used a combination of organic and fluid forms and fantastic creatures, as we wanted to get inside of the world of creature features and disaster movies. This is our very first job in which all the process was made by us - from design "on paper", then modeling, rigging, skinning, animation. It was a very fulfilling experience because it was our first complete character animation, not only technically, being able to give it emotion and personality, because it was also narrative, like a tiny animation short with a humor gag.

Dvein used 3D Studio Max, ZBrush and After Effects to create the spot.

Credits: Hecho en Syfy Direction & Animation: Dvein Production Company: 8 de Agosto Music & Sound Design: Flow Audio

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