Walker Zurich turns a bad hair day into a metaphor. Commuters are getting robbed every day by a nasty thief who steals your morning time. Those extra precious minutes that would have contributed to your grooming are snatched away, leaving you to run for the train and arrive to work disheveled. And it happens to everyone-- except the SYOSS girl of course. She looks fabulous as always. While this spot would have benefitted from a shorter edit (a 45 second version would have been more than enough) the technique is fun and the film looks great. Kudos to the DP.

Agency Walker Zurich
Pius Walker: Creative Director
Account Director: Cornelia Nünlist
Writer: Roger Beckett
Art Director: Stefanie Huber
Strategy & Concepts: Catherine Elf
CEO (Inhalt&Form): Dominik Stibal
Creative Director (Inhalt&Form): Karin Estermann
Project Manager  (Inhalt&Form): Manuela Marty
Marketing Manager (Henkel Beauty Care): Christian Volk
Executive Producers (Cobblestone): Pieter Lony & Juri Wiesner
Director of Photography (Cobblestone): Joachim Zuncke
First Assistant Director (Cobblestone): Franziska Krentzien
Director of Photography: Joachim Zuncke
Lighting (Cobblestone): Philipp Gerhardt
Styling: Imke Hille
Hair/Make Up/Special Effects: Nadin Wagner
Editor: Alex Kutka
Compositing Artist: Sven Schönmann
Postproduction Supervisor: Tanja Bruhn
Sound design: Michael Krüger & Christopher Szillat
Music: Lukas McNally & Tim Knapp