Big brother. It's a big deal. At first the young boy seems to not know what to do with the little baby brother in his lap, but soon he grows to be his protector. Helper. Teacher. Best friend. Most annoying gaming-partner in the world. Everything a big brother does. And then he gets the question. We can see clearly that big brother doesn't quite know what to do here in this situation, so the payoff is simple: If you want help to argue against buying alcohol for someone younger, see

"Systembolaget" is the government controlled alcohol shops in Sweden, they are the only place where you can sell anything alcoholic and they pride themselves on creating ads and tactics to sell less alcohol. To buy for someone who isn't of age yet even has its own word in Swedish, it's called "langa", and that's the question little brother asked: "Could his big brother "langa" him some beers for a party?"

Non-Swedes, overlook for a moment the strange phenomena of a client trying to sell less of their product, and I think you'll agree that this is cinematically a very well told story of brotherly love.

Client: Systembolaget