Agency: SEA GmbH/Dusseldorf, Germany

Senior TV Producer: Lutz Brucher
Production Cos: Wunderfilm/Hamburg & XOVR/Santa Monica, CA
Exec. Producer: Stefan Jaehde (Germany)
Owner / Exec. Producer: Lee Nelson (US)
Executive Producer: Emanuel Humes (US)
Director: Marcus Nispel
Producer: Vincent Oster (US)
Visual Effects: Zoic Studios/Los Angeles, CA
Producer: Leighton Greer
Visual Effect Supervisor: Jean-Luc Dinsdale
Flame Artist: Mark Alan Loso
Combustion Artists: Lane Jolly / Sean Apple
After Effect Artist: Claudia Yi Leon
CG Lead Artist: Michael Capton
CG Artists: Lochlon Johnston / Eric Ebling / Sean Comer
Editorial: Union Editorial/Santa Monica
Executive Producer: Michael Raimondi
Senior Producer: Megan Dahlman
Editor: Einar

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