"Hey Verizon! You’re WRONG! Again. So we called in Steve Harvey to school you. It’s time to #BALLOGIZE." And Steve's all like "uh-uh, I ain't taking responsibility on this one" and those who didn't tune out within the first three seconds, thinking it was "that ball ad again" found it pretty funny. It is at the very least, still topical as the Miss Universe debacle is recent.

T-Mobile "Harvey Drops the Ball" Agency: Publicis Production Company: Prettybird Editorial Company: Arcade VFX/Post Production: Timber Creative Directors / Partners Jonah Hall, Kevin Lau Executive Producer: Sabrina Elizondo Producer: Megan Kennedy Lead Flame: Miles Kinghorn Flame Assist: Branden Harden Compositors: Daniel Raschko, Mark Robben, Brian Sales CG Modeling, Particle vfx, Lighting, Animation: Brad Hayes, Casey Benn CG Tracking: Matt Merkovich Design + 2D Animation: Kevin Lau, Dan Blank