Adfreak has me ruining my mascara Monday morning by pointing out "Australia celebrates brutal road-safety PSAs". TAC has a way of pushing every button I've got, and this one adds Michael Snipe crooning "Everybody hurts" which only floods my tear canals even more.

This ad was created to reminded all Victorians of their responsibility to drive safely, as TAC marked 20 years of road safety campaigns and drivers across the state switched their headlights on for road safety. The ad is a composite of the previous 20 years ads, each one a jarring tearjerker in its own right. For extra impact they air this ad across all networks, there is no escape.

Speaking at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where the first TAC advertisement was filmed, Mr Brumby reminded all Victorians that reducing road trauma was a community effort. Today, Victorians have shown their commitment to road safety by Shining a Light on Road Trauma, Mr Brumby said. This is a sign of the commitment of the whole community to help reduce deaths and injuries on our roads. Mr Brumby also launched a montage of the most memorable TAC images from the past 20 years, to be aired across the commercial networks just once, after 8.30pm December 09.
Client: TAC - Transport Accident Commission Ad agency: Grey Melbourne

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    TAC's new tactic to reduce the number of dangerous drivers on the road is to make an ad so miserable, people will want to kill themselves to escape the resulting deep, dark depression.

    Welp, I'm going to off myself now.

    Dec 16, 2009

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