For Taco Bell’s national spot promotion for the Cantina Taco, which comes with a slice of lime, the zesty personality of the citrus plays a starring role. With delicious food at the heart of the narrative, Draftfcb tapped Director Tom Ryan who is known for his organic sensibility that finds glamour and beauty in detail.

With this directorial approach, Ryan has produced work that stands out from the norm and reads as tangible deliciousness. In “Calling Card of Greatness,” this deliciousness comes with a little flirtation as the lime, the self-proclaimed Culinary Casanova, adds a bright citrus note with a playful twist.

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Irvine, CA Creative Director: Dennis Pettigrew Producer: Thomas Anderson Art Director: Vanessa Witter Copywriter: Mark Maziarz Associate Producer: Jeff Perino Production Company: Directorz, Dallas, TX Director/DP: Tom Ryan Executive Producer: John Gilliland Producer: Nancy Edwards Editorial Company: Optimus, Santa Monica, CA Editor: Erin Nordstrom Postproduction Company: Method

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    When all else fails, print the press release.

    Aug 24, 2010

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