Tag Body Spray - Mrs. Drake (2005) 0:30 (USA)


Tag Body Spray - Mrs. Drake (2005) 0:30 (USA)

Gillette goes after the guys who buy Axe by... well... pretty much doing the same thing Axe does.

Ad agency: Arnold Worldwide, Boston



I dig the warning text... But copying the LYNX/AXE startegy is terribly lame.

I agree completely! It's very pathetic. Someone must have slept through all their Advertising 101 classes.

They even kinda look like Axe packaging. I wonder when the lawsuit is gonna drop.

Axe... Tag... both three letters long. I guess they're not exactly going after the polysyllabic male demo, eh?

i don't agree so much cuz i am the guy i just hope some of the stiffs on network start to let them show it during prime time jannet jackson is costing me a lot of cash
km -

The warning is great, the rest is so lame and over acted. I bet the product manager is very happy. However, we're not!

A lamer. It would have been better if the mom was ugly... But the warning is well alright - not as an idea but in the handling.

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