Finally there's a credit card that works as hard as you. Earn 4% back on purchases you choose for the first three months. After which it stops working as hard as you do. Like the casting on this one. Beautifully shot, too.

Client: Tangerine
Production: OPC, Toronto
Director: Miles Jay,
DP: Jody Lee Lipes
Editor: Chris Van Dyke, School Editing
Online: David Whiteson, Alter Ego
Colorist: Eric Whipp, Alter Ego
Music: Mark Rajaković, Pirate Music, Toronto
Agency: John St
Executive Creative Directors: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
Creative Director: Niall Kelly
Art Director: David Glen, Marilyn-Rose Maitland
Writer: Noah Feferman
Producer: Lauren Sloan
Team Leader: Cheryl McKenzie
Account Supervisor: Angelica Bennett
Account Executive: Martha Watson
Director of Strategic Planning: Jason Last
Planner: Naomi Blackman

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