VFX studio a52 teamed up with longtime partner Wieden+Kennedy and Director Andreas Nilsson on three TV spots as part of a Back To School campaign for Target. VFX Supervisor Jesse Monsour led the a52 team on the effort, tapping the studio's extensive brand knowledge from several past Target campaigns to inform the work, which included extensive stop motion animation.

Each spot features a teacher's amusing performance about Target's back-to-school offerings as a52's effects crawl seamlessly over the screen. A music teacher lets loose with a song about backpacks and denim as jeans and bags meld into the classroom's backdrop. An English teacher rocks out with her students about notebooks and pencils on a glimmering, confetti-laced stage covered with instruments made of school supplies. A science teacher raps about hair gel and binders in a magic lab filled with colorful chemical explosions and pencil trees emerging from pots.

The studio worked closely with the agency throughout the production process, continuously generating ideas and tweaking concepts as the shoot progressed. For example, in "Music Teacher," what was originally envisioned as jeans erupting in a sort of kaleidoscopic montage became a comped-up version of denim cascading down the wall using stop motion effects.

"We can adapt to the needs of any project," stated a52 EP Jennifer Sofio Hall. "Jesse and the rest of our crew did a great job producing top-quality work that flawlessly complements Furlined's live-action production."

Client: Target Spot Titles: "English Teacher" :30 Broadcast + Cinema, "Science Teacher" :30 Broadcast, "Music Teacher" :30 Broadcast Release Date: July 13, 2012 Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Creative Director(s): Guy Seese, Julia Leach Art Director: Patty Fogarty Copywriter: Dan Kroeger Product Specialist: Katie Reardon Business Manager: Teresa Lutz Account Executive: Kara York Account Supervisor: Adam Craw Broadcast Producer: Hayley Goggin Art Producer: Eugenie Frerichs Production Company: Furlined Director: Andreas Nilsson President: Diane McCarter Executive Producer: Eriks Krumins Head of Production: Merilee Newman Line Producer: Pete Vitale VFX Studio: a52 VFX Supervisor: Jesse Monsour Lead CG Artist: Kirk Shintani CG Artist: Christopher Janney, Joe Chiechi Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall Producer: Meredith Tomasulo, Heather Johan Editorial Company: Joint Editorial Editor: Katie Turinski Assistant Editor: Steve Sprinkel Producer: Lisa Ashe Executive Producer: Patty Brebner