Target - Two Day Sale - Drums (2003) - 0:30 (USA)


Target - Two Day Sale - Drums (2003) - 0:30 (USA)



Hee! They've forgot the first ingredient for an advertising commercial!

Ingredient # 1: Add an idea.

This is absolute crap. The creatives that entered this should go back to kindergarden. The director should be ashamed of him self as well.

Yak! Fuck off with this non sence.

whoever left that last comment is a freakin' moron.

this commercial is the only target commercial i've ever seen that made me want to go to their store. the drummer of cheap trick in a drum off with the drummer of the donnas? what could be better?

drummer of amazing band playing along with hott chick drummer. i don't understand how someone could think there wasn't an amazing idea involved.

Oh, so these are famous people?

Lets see, famous drummers drumming off. Nope, still not a hint of an idea in that. It's all dressing.

Now famous drummers drumming off to announce a sale on earplugs - there's an idea. See the difference?

nope, don't see the difference.

your idea is hokey, and would make me want to stay away from the store.

but the actual commerical was great, and made me want to go there.

... what Bernbucks is trying to say:

A drumoff = popvideo.

Drumoff used because it ties into the sender = an advertising idea.

but it does tie into the sender.

target is written all over the drums. it's not possible to watch it without knowing it's a target commercial.

it's interesting, and different. unlike almost all commercials on tv today.

Bleh to you all. I liked it. Why?

a) It didn't have anyone yelling at me.
b) Two drummers...how often do you see that?
c) Target has a lot of stuff, but unlike the other "alot of stuff" places they didn't cram it all in the short advert. We've been there, we know what's there. This is like the gentle reminder from the dentist.
d) I'm not going to classify this as popvideo or not, but merely bring up the point that people like to think, but sometimes, people like to not think. And I didn't have to think for a short bit, and it was nice. Like a quick, rhythmic spa-trip for my mind.

So, once again, bleh to you all.

I don't know that I'd go so far as to call Cheap Trick an amazing band. But nevertheless, the idea is a weak one. It's better than the screaming "Two Day Sales" of most other retailers, but at the same time it's still a weak concept. "I know Two Day Sale, so we show two drummers. That's it!" That's not a concept. And if you look at other two day sales ads, they always tend to show two of something. Because it's two days. Boring. That's not an concept. The ad could have been much better. And more interesting. It just sort of lays there. But such is the case with most retail sales ads. I can't remember a good retail sale ad, and there probably isn't one.
I also wonder how many people got that it was the drummer of Cheap Trick and the drummer of the Donnas (never heard of them myself)? It's a random choice IMHO...but then again, if you go with lesser known folks, you don't have to pay them as much either.

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