I don't know much about golf, but I know I like marionettes that look like Thunderbirds on a stakeout. Considering most golf club competitors are not wearing a fun hat, TaylorMade gets props for putting it on. It's always nice when a sports brand doesn't take itself so seriously.

Client: TaylorMade
Creative Agency: Zambezi
Founder, Managing Director: Chris Raih
Founder, Executive Creative Director: Brian Ford
Creative Director: Kevin Buth
Senior Art Director: Sheldon Melvin
Copywriter: Scott Stevens
Senior Designer: Keven Behboody
Director of Account Management: Pete Brown
Account Supervisor: Matt Kline
Executive Producer: Alex Cohn
Senior Producer: Nathan Nowak
Senior Digital Producer: Sean Carnage
Senior Digital Strategist: Poppy Thorpe
Director of Creative Services: Haleh Shoa
Editor: Ling Ly
Assistant Editors: Jonathan Ahmadi, Jonathan Fallik, Paul Oh
Production Company: Hornet Films
Director: Peter Sluszka
Director of Photography: Ivan Abel
Executive Producer: Jan Stebbins
Producers: Zack Kortright, Joel Kretschman
Color House: Company 3
Colorist: Sean Coleman
VFX: Hornet
Motion Graphics: Scratch Media
Audio Post: Lime Studios
Sound Designer/Mixer: Joel Waters
Original Music: HUM

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